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​​Goals of the Association:

​​To provide the opportunity for midwives to contribute to the movement of scientific and professional progress in midwifery.

​​Contribute to the development of the skills of midw​ives, the development of professional scientific thought and the development of performance for the members of the association in midwifery.

​​Facilitate the exchange of scientific and professional production and ideas, provide scientific advice and carry out the necessary studies to raise the level of performance in the areas of interest of the Association in the institutions and bodies concerned.

​​Providing technical advice to various health authorities regarding health practices, activities and procedures and evaluating health facilities for the purpose of adopting them to provide the service. 

​​Participation in the evaluation of professional scientific qualifications and professional performance of midwives in agreement with the relevant authorities.

​​Active participation in supporting the Saudi commission for Health Specialties departments and provide services for Health Practitioners.

​​Participating in raising public awareness about the midwifery profession and the role of midwives.

​​Promote healthy work environment for all midwives.

​​Ensure that the Midwifery profession is led by registered midwives.

​​Promoting and strengthen autonomous evidence-based Midwifery care.

​​Advocating for maternal and neonatal health by supporting birth as a normal physiological life event and promote women’s general and reproductive health.

​​Achieving the above objectives by all appropriate means of the Association, in particular the following activities:

​Invite relevant scientists and intellectuals at the national and international level to participate in the activities of the Association.

​Holding conferences, seminars and workshops and contributing to training programs and continuous professional education in midwifery.

Preparing and updating clinical evidence (practice standards) in midwifery.

​​Conducting scientific research in the areas of interest of the Association and related knowledge and encouragement to conduct it and publish the results of this research.

​Participation in local and international conferences and exhibitions.

​ Issue a journal or periodical or both concerned with the publication of research and studies related to the areas of interest of the association.

​​Implementation of awareness-raising activities such as educational bulletins, letters, campaigns and other means of health awareness to raise the level of knowledge and awareness among the public in midwifery.